Expats, non residents, OAMI&EU workers

We have managed to create a tailor made service for this group of clients

Since we first opened our office in Alicante, we quickly realised how important was to provide a service which covered the needs and requirements of the high number of foreigners who live or spend their holidays in Alicante. Thus, we specialized in advising expats, considered residents to all tax effects, as well as to all other foreign citizens who do not have a permanent residency or established business in Spain. Today, we can proudly state that we have managed to create a tailor made service for this group of clients. From conveyancing to inheritance&wills, including landlord and tenant contractual relationships or commercial contracts, we offer a wide range of legal and tax services, aiming to provide our clients peace of mind and a trouble free stay in our country. By hiring our services you can be rest assured that you will be kept informed of and you will comply with all legal and tax duties imposed by the Spanish tax authorities to expats, as well as property or business owners in Spain.


When the EUIPO office was established in Alicante (named OAMI then), it gave rise to a new collective with its own peculiarities and specialities, which also needed the support and advice of professionals with an accurate knowledge of their specific legal and tax needs. After more than 15 years dealing with OAMI and other UE public workers (European Scholl of Alicante i.e), we are more than sure that we are able to resolve all the many situations and doubts that may arise during their stay in Spain.
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